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ZFM digital mass flow meter

ZFM digital mass flow meter ENLARGE
ZFM low cost aluminum or stainless steel digital thermal mass flow meters

  • Multi-gas/Multi-range functionality up to 8 bar (currently for 6 gases)
  • Full scale covered flow ranges from 3.125 sml/min to 10 sl/min are available in seven models
  • Standard accuracy ± (0.5% RD + 0.2% FS) based on actual calibration
  • Universal 14-24 Vdc power supply input
  • Supports up to 46 Engineering Units (including User-defined)
  • Stores additional user- calibration table data for up to 10 gases
  • Two programmable Totalizers indicate total gas quantity
  • User-programmable Pulse Output (via SSR)
  • High and low gas flow Alarm limits with preset delay interval
  • One user-programmable solid-state relays with latch option
  • User-selectable analog 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, or 4-20mA outputs
  • Internal conversion factors for up to 26 gases
  • Digital interface (RS-232 or RS-485) test/configuration port, optional Modbus RTU with Isolated RS-485 transceiver)
  • Multi-Drop capability of up to 247 units (RS-485 option)
  • Automatic sensor zero offset adjustment (via digital interface or local push button)
  • Extensive Self- diagnostic with status LED or OLED (optional) indication
  • Local 128 x 64 high contrast OLED (optional) graphic display with joystick control
  • Free, easy-to-use configuration and calibration software (RS-232/RS-485)
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ZFM digital mass flow meter

The ZFM is an intelligent “state-of-the-art” digital Mass Flow Meter. It is offered in “small footprint” aluminum or stainless steel versions.

Running the free “ZFM Configuration Utility” software, the user can select different gas types and flow ranges on-site without disconnecting, within a few minutes.

These meters facilitate lower ownership costs, by employing fewer units for multiple applications and saving on cost of calibrations.

Flow Ranges for ZFM
ZFM Low Flow Mass Flow Meters
CodeNominal Flow Range
sL/min [N2]
Reconfigurable Full Scale Flow
Ranges [Min – Max] sL/min [N2]
01 0.01250.003125 – 0.0125
03 0.05 0.0125 – 0.05
05 0.2 0.05 – 0.2
06 0.8 0.2 – 0.8
08 2.0 0.5 – 2.0
09 6.0 1.5 – 6.0
1010.0 2.5 – 10.0