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Multi-Parameter Vortex Flow Meters [mVX]

Multi-Parameter Vortex Flow Meters [mVX] Multi-Parameter Vortex Flow Meters [mVX] ENLARGE
Temperature and Pressure compensated in-line Vortex Flow Meters are designed to indicate flow rates of gases, liquids or steam.

  • Temperature, pressure, density, volumetric and mass flow measurements
  • No moving parts to wear or fail
  • Electronics can be remotely mounted up to 30.5 m (100 ft)
  • No fluid to sensor contact
  • No holes to clog
  • High flow turndown ratio up to 10:1
  • Dual signal processing technology improves accuracy at low flows
  • Accuracy of +/-1% of rate
  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Built in platinum RTD and solid state pressure sensor
  • On board computer calculates density, volumetric and mass flow
  • Aalborg’s proprietary DSP algorithm accurately filters vortex frequency, improving the quality of flow measurements
  • Extensive Diagnostics log with date and time register
  • Password protected data entry
  • Volumetric and mass flow information simultaneously displayed
  • Selectable engineering units
  • Totalizer [two programmable]
  • Digital communication interface: RS-232 or RS-485
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Multi-Parameter Vortex Flow Meters [mVX]

Principles of Operation
Vortices are created when a fluid passes around a bluff body as shown in illustration (click Images Tab above). Vortices are alternately shed on each side of the body, 180 degrees out of phase to each other, resulting in an oscillating pressure gradient. As flow increases the frequency of vortices increases in proportion to the increased flow thereby creating a linear relationship.

General Description
Constructed of type 316 stainless steel, Vortex meters may be installed in-line by customer provided or built-in flanges. Key pad or communication interface functionalities include measuring units, programmable flow alarm, two programmable totalizers, programmable flow rate pulse output, two programmable optically isolated outputs, battery backed real time clock (RTC), digital communication interface (RS-232 or RS-485), programmable diagnostic events log and register with date/time stamp, programmable process variable log with date/time stamp, calibration and flowing fluid parameters adjustment, extensive diagnostics.

Aalborg's unique dual signal processing technology independently measures each vortex on either side of the bluff body and filters out non-flow noise. This results in less noise and higher accuracy throughout the flow range.

Additionally, the Multiparameter Vortex meter uses a platinum resistance temperature detector (PRTD) to measure process fluid temperature, and a solid state pressure transducer to measure process fluid pressure. The built-in computer calculates fluid density, volumetric and mass flow rates.

Local 2x16 LCD readout provides flow rate, temperature, pressure, density, total flow volume reading in selectable engineering units, diagnostic events indication, and feature password protected access to process parameters to prevent tempering or resetting.