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Optische Sensorschalter für Rotameters (Doppel)

Optische Sensorschalter für Rotameters (Doppel) ENLARGE
  • Non-invasive detection of a HI and LOW flow.
  • Ideal for signaling an alarm, cutoff valve, or other device when the float passes the detector.
  • Two complementary NPN outputs (up to 50 mA) for each optical sensor to control user relay or digital input.
  • Two LED output indicators (per sensor) for visual monitoring.
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Optische Sensorschalter für Rotameters (Doppel)

The Optical Sensor Switch Hi-Lo is a non-invasive means for detection of a HI or LOW flow. This set of sensors is ideal for signaling an alarm, cutoff valve, or other device when the float passes the detector (alarm, valve, etc. are not included). The Optical Sensor Switch helps protect processes and equipment from damage caused by extreme flow rates.

Its compact design and ease of operation make it a non-obtrusive, simple to use addition to your flow meter. Perfect for OEM applications, use whenever maximum or minimum flow levels need to be monitored automatically. It also can be used in conjunction with a control relay to power alternate equipment or monitoring devices. Used in conjunction with P, S and T Style Flow Meters.

The Optical Sensor Switch Hi-Lo consists of two self-contained mini-slim photoelectric sensors (Thrubeam type). Every sensor has a transmitter and receiver. Two sets of sensors are mounted on two solid carriers on opposite sides of the flow tube. The float inside the flow tube is detected as it passes across the beam of light. The sensors can be used to detect the float passage beyond the setpoint of the sensor and can also be set to monitor the float position at a specific level, signaling when the float is outside of the range of the sensor light beam.